The Viralized, Weaponized News Cycle

The viralized, weaponized news cycle, is used quite effectively by the Trump administration. An incessant barrage of negative news, as one story goes viral the next is already being planned. There is never time to fully digest the outrageousness of one scandal, before the next is beginning it’s viral ascent. What this accomplishes is two-fold. … Continue reading The Viralized, Weaponized News Cycle

All in Everything- A reflection of Self

A person alone. Darkness surrounds a familiar setting. A spirit enters and views the person. The person, with soulful eyes sees the spirit, dark on dark, light on light. The spirit is intrigued by the person’s awareness and enters into a dialogue, without utterance, connected on all levels, one to one and all in everything. … Continue reading All in Everything- A reflection of Self