The Viralized, Weaponized News Cycle

The viralized, weaponized news cycle, is used quite effectively by the Trump administration. An incessant barrage of negative news, as one story goes viral the next is already being planned. There is never time to fully digest the outrageousness of one scandal, before the next is beginning it’s viral ascent. What this accomplishes is two-fold. … Continue reading The Viralized, Weaponized News Cycle

Great Escapes

I think Utopia is too high an aim. The goal should be sustainability alongside an ailing system and beyond the inevitable breakdown of the current system. With that in mind I propose something small, but with nearly unlimited growth potential. At the core of my proposal is the advancement of every individual that participates, as … Continue reading Great Escapes

Internal Dynamic, External Display

Most people think of themselves internally as their highest self. The righteous, but not self-righteous self, that always does what is right, thoughtless and with proper intentions. Yet when it comes time to externally display this highest version of self, something always prevents this and a much lower form of self is manifest in ones … Continue reading Internal Dynamic, External Display