The Viralized, Weaponized News Cycle

The viralized, weaponized news cycle, is used quite effectively by the Trump administration. An incessant barrage of negative news, as one story goes viral the next is already being planned. There is never time to fully digest the outrageousness of one scandal, before the next is beginning it’s viral ascent. What this accomplishes is two-fold. For starters, it keeps those in opposition of this corrupt administration from uniting, as one, against Trump. There are so many various groups of people opposed to Trump, but each with its own agenda. Trump knows that keeping them divided, and in disunity is the key to his success.

The second part of this is how this affects Trump’s supporters. To the supporters of this fascist regime (in the making) the viralized, weaponized news cycle becomes white noise. To Trump supporters it is all “fake news” because surely no president, especially one they voted for, could possibly be as corrupt as the news makes Trump sound. You couple this with a few simplistic soundbites, “immigrants are animals”, “not all nazis are bad” and you have the perfect recipe for keeping Trump supporters salivating, waiting on the next gem of wisdom from their overlord.

Also, when you consider the propaganda model based news media outlets utilize, as written about extensively in Manufacturing Consent, by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, it creates the perfect storm for allowing fascist to form from the bottom up. Who owns media outlets? Elites? Probably rich, old white guys. He who owns the media, controls the news. Truthfully, for media outlets Trump has been a ratings bonanza, for both those opposed to him and those in favor. That is the desired goal of those in control of the media, have two powerful, yet opposing point-of-views. It creates and enforces division among the masses and division is of paramount importance to controlling the masses.

Another thing worth noting is often times the media creates division on its own. Hell, because in today’s day and age, you can fucking politicize anything. I call these division distractors. Whether it is the Dukes of Hazzard car, LBGQT issues, religious fanaticism or something similar, it is always something that both sides can completely disagree about. I have noticed media outlets often employ these tactics when there are no big stories (no us/them) in the news. With the Trump regime constantly creating divisive news, the use of division distractors has been noticeable less prevalent than in the past.

Celebrities often create their own viralized, weaponized news cycles. the celebrity says or does something controversial, this often ties in nicely with a new show or product. Going back as far as I can remember, nothing helps push sales like a good controversy. In recent happenings, I would say Michelle Wolf’s performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner is a good example of controversy for a cause. Michelle knew the material she was using and the platform on which she was performing was going to create a reaction, both positive and negative (controversial.) And guess what? Shortly after Michelle’s performance she has a new show on Netflix, coincident?

Celebrities also create negative viralized, weaponized news that affects them and their careers negatively. Case in point would be ABC’s cancellation of the Roseanne redo. Though I honestly believe Roseanne Barr only agreed to return to do the Roseanne show so she could have some kind of relevance again. Once she got back into the spotlight, Roseanne went out of her way to normalize racism. It was Roseanne’s tongue-in-cheek way of saying “it’s ok for all you white people to think racists, hateful and hurtful things, just like I do.” I expect Roseanne will bounce back, I am sure with all the coming and going in the Trump administration that they could find a position for her.

How does one protect themselves from the viralized, weaponized news cycle? You cannot inoculate yourself the news, it only festers and gets worse in the absence of your attention. In this case, ignorance is not blissfulness. See the lines as they are drawn, be aware of the divide. Those drawing the lines of division aim to profit from that division. If you break on through the illusion, pay attention to the silence. For in that silence, the reality of the viralized, weaponized news cycle will be apparent- the losses, the gains, the adds and all the subtracts all amount to a multiplication of division. See the multitude, like Neo before the architect, witness the weaponized new cycle spreading before you. Then snap your fingers and it is back to reality.

It is then up to you, in your hands, do you carry the torch or pass the buck? Spread the word, let others know, the viralized, weaponized news cycle being pushed by the propaganda based media outlets is leading to a multiplication of division. Divided, we the people are weak, united we are an unstoppable force.

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