The Harsh Truth

My wife often mistakes my honesty for me being mean or nasty. Honesty is just truth. Truth is just truth, the facts without any emotional strings attached. Most people purport to desire the truth, right up to the point that it cuts them. Honesty can be a sharpened sword that cuts through all the perceived bullshit. We want the truth, but honestly do we want to be told our new haircut looks awful? Most people, especially if they like the new haircut, do not want the truth, even if it is only an opinion. They want to be told the new haircut looks great.


And that really is the crux of the matter, we want the truth, but often are unable to be truthful to ourselves about ourselves. Important to remember, if you give your honest opinion or thoughts about another person and they get upset, expect them to do the same. This I call defensive honesty. Defensive honesty cuts through all the pleasantries and offers an unfiltered view of one person to another. This type of honesty often dips into exaggerated honesty- this is when an individual attempts to make a caricature of another, highlighting all the bad qualities of the person.


Maybe being fully honest, all of the time, though satisfying, is not always the best route to take. Little white lies help keep things civil and peaceful and still has the appearance of honesty. And truthfully I am in favor of things being peaceful and civil. The truth is most often an opinion and if your opinion upsets another and ruins the balance of peace, you have to ask yourself, is the price worth the satisfaction?

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