Musing on Truth

Committed to the insanity, the cacophony of voices, media streams of realities, multiple, many, all realities existing within one defined existence. That, of course, is truth- the truth that underlies all realities- the fake and the real news, what is the true news? Is there news that is reported without biased? What is truth? There was a time when that was a simple question, with an equally simple answer. But even then it was a perception based truth. Is “truth” just what we want to believe is true? And, if so, do we then proceed to find proof that supports our belief? Even if we find just one opinion (proof), even against a thousand dissenting opinions, we anchor to that one belief and have it become the foundation of our existence. This is a house of cards, built on a foundation of lies and in the end crumbles and crashed down in a heap. And like our lives they are disorganized chaos. The only thing real to come out of the above scenario is the mess, the disorganized chaos. Maybe that is the best way to describe truth- disorganized chaos. Look at truth the way a Vulcan views life- through logic, without emotion. Truth is truth…”Just the facts, ma’am….”

Verifiable facts minus emotion equals truth. Truth is often inconvenient, doesn’t always play nice, ruins our delusions, but when seen in it’s complete sense, truth is whole- is one- is unity- is the one thing that underlies the multitude of realities.

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