These Things Happen

These things happening, that in your lust for illusion you refuse to see, refuse to believe, refute the reality of, they are still taking place. All around you, every day. Enemies are being manufactured, scripted, armed and given hostile rhetoric to spew. For the cost of a few freedoms, THEY will protect you. I mean really, a monitored internet is a safe internet and certain forms of censorship would be sensible, right?  NO!!!

THEY-the leaders and powers that be, throughout the world, those that would design a New World Order, are not concerned for your safety. Instead they insulate themselves from you. The freedoms given up today will lead to the loss of basic human rights in the future. Once those rights are gone we will no longer be free, will be owned- born indebted to a system THEY implemented and removed themselves from.

THEY will supple our food, entertainment, employment and lifestyle. THEY will live above it, sitting atop the new capital of the world, Olympus. THEY will declare themselves gods. THEY will manufacture life in their likeness. THEY derive power from illusion, by controlling the appearance of freedom. Strapped in our pods, feeding tubes, illusions of freedom, entertainment our reality. This cannot come to pass. This can be stopped. You can make a difference…refuse and resist…see the truth through the illusion.

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