The Sage and the Self

Alongside me, with me always, within me? Definitely. I possess the sage as much as she possesses me. It is action one knows is correct without connection to ego. Ego poisons that which is, pushing it so far within as to be without. When ego leads, the individual believes all their actions are correct. We all know these people, their certainty in self draws them many followers. This type of person will act without consideration of consequence, they feel their actions are always correct, so why not just do it? Ego eventually devours self and separate from self, even in a room filled with loved ones and close friends, they will feel forever alone.

While one that walks in simplicity and acceptance seeking equanimity, remaining balanced, feeling compassion for all of humanity, often walk alone in this life, but never feel lonely. In this person the ego is acknowledged, but never leads. The true, united self leads. The self and the sage become one. This person knows when to act and when to remain still. The sage causes reactions in all that he encounters. Those of open heart and controlled ego receive his message as a blessing. Those of hardened heart and closed mind curse the wisdom as heresy. The sage never reacts with immediacy, unless it is called for (at times it is.) Where there is sage and self, ego is still present. Ego mostly remains quiet when the sage leads, until that part of one’s identity is ignored for too long. When that happens the ego makes the need known. The sage looks upon the need with compassion and understanding and accommodates the need. The ego then recedes into the background.

The path of the sage is wide and varied. It is open to a variety of ways. That is why few in today’s world can walk the path of the sage- most require rigidity and certainty. They want concrete proof (even if that proof is founded on having to have faith.) Having a wide open path, full of options and flexibility leads most to instantly doubt. Doubt leads to a longing for the familiar- rigid certainties. The path of the sage, much like life, is fluid and ever changing. It ebbs and flows. The good, the bad, wash over the sage who holds no attachment to either. Letting go is holding fast to the path, can you follow?

We exist to exist. The path we travel in this existence is dependent on who leads the individual. Ego or sage? The choice is yours to make. We create the existence we perceive. Chose wisely your thoughts and actions and you will be connected to the all in everything and you will never feel alone. If you lead only yourself in this life, you have accomplished more than most.

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