The Logical Path

Some people love logic. They attempt to define their life by it, yet they are shorting themselves of so much in life. Logic leads to answers, answers are definitions which define the question. Logic allows for no unknowns, this is where logic kills personal growth. Logic tries to end a path that is endless. Your search may end, but the path travels on. Logic lovers are are often left feeling knowledgeable, but fall far short of enlightenment. Full of external answers, wandering aimlessly on the path of life.

For me, a big put off about those folks that follow logic all the way down the rabbit hole is that many believe they have found THE ANSWER!!! Whatever the question, this is the only logical solution, hence this is the answer, the only possible answer. I find this sad and short-sighted. As if there ever was a single answer. The path is without definitive answers, it will always lead to further questions. Logic dictates a final solution- HA! HA! HA! Logic fails, it seeks finality in the never-ending. It longs for the one thing that will never be supplied…a solution, a reason, one absolute truth.

The worst part about logic lovers is their inability to accept that which is undefined. In truth, it is only from the undefined that I have found anything resembling an answer. The known unknowns, that is my term for the thoughts that form when one is thoughtless. Meditation or actions that makes the individual’s mind go blank, the thoughts that occur from the ether, these are the divine truths. Simple to understand, nearly impossible to explain. Those in the logic camp would either toss these aside as absurd abstract thoughts or worse take credit themselves (ego) with the simple brilliance. A brilliance and simplicity that the human mind lacks. Logic lovers will never see this truth.

Most of the people I know that follow the logical path are nice, well meaning individuals, who are utterly lost. They stumble around finding answers, but will always fall short on the path of life. They miss the mystery, miss the life, look outward for what is within and are unable to accept the existence of known unknowns.

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