Perception Equal Reality

Originally published 11/08/16 on

I came to the conclusion long ago that perception equals reality. And while I find some truth in this belief, it is a true and false statement. Everyone of us has heard, said or had said to us, “You know the world does not revolve around you, right?” True? Any person so questioned could reply, “Maybe not, but my perception of reality does.” True? Yes. Why is it true? Because perception is an individual’s understanding of the world as it unfolds around them. What is the individual? It is I. What is I? I is ego. We can only perceive reality through an egotistical lens. The larger the ego on the individual, the less a true picture of reality they can see. No person can comprehend reality- it is everything that is and is not. Our minds tend to serve only one master, SELF- the lens focus narrows and concerns beyond the effect to self are excluded from view. Is there a way to widen the view? Can we escape the ego, the mind and the self? Very few ever truly break free, but all are capable of loosening the bond that binds.

Start simple. Give up! Yes I know, “What the fuck?” Before you stop reading allow me a sentence or two to explain- Give up your attachments. I know not so simple. Attachments are the wants and desires of the ego. I am not telling you to give up your shit- but don’t let your possessions possess you. You lose five dollars, who cares, you will find ten. Stuff is just stuff. Beyond food, shelter and clothing everything else is just want and desire of the ego. Simple, right? Yes and no, true and false- it is as easy or difficult as you make it. Just remember, start by giving up.

Next up- be aware of your thoughts. On a fundamental level, perception does equal reality. If this is indeed true then your thoughts shape your reality. The basis here is the law of attraction or like attracts like. If you are convinced something bad is going to happen, guess what? SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN. Thoughts create energy. Negative thoughts, negative energy, negative reality. Positive thoughts, positive energy, positive reality. Again it is ego that creates negative thoughts- selfish desires, feelings of being slighted, revenge…on and on. You can control your thoughts and as you learn to control them you will begin to alter your reality. Stay centered, realize you are not a separate individual, you are connected with the all of everything. Be aware when your thoughts are ego driven and stop and let it go.

Next step- this is a concept I have been embracing lately. Say this and believe it, “Things are going my way.” The reiki master I saw recently gave me this idea. In the past I had two slogans I lived by, “I’ll get through, I always do.” and “It is what it is.” While those two beliefs have kept me from getting overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, neither allow for a positive outlook or improvement on the current circumstance/situation. With, “Things are going my way,” the belief is that every circumstance/situation is leading me in a positive direction. I am being guided in a direction that leads to positive outcomes. This works hand in hand with being aware of your thoughts- belief and faith in this thought brings about an overall positive outcome. You have to have faith in something, you might just as well have faith/belief in yourself.

I try to imagine a world where people have the egos of animals, but it is a difficult image to conjure. How different the world would be sans ego. I believe our connection to each other and to nature would be the most powerful force on this planet. There would be no nations or races, no religions, no us and them…no division. There would only be us immersed in the all of everything- such limitless love and boundless beauty. Like I said, given the world we live in this is a hard to imagine reality. Maybe the next evolution of our species will be the loss of ego? Who knows? What I do know is that I struggle with ego. I have gotten better at realizing when my thoughts and actions are ego driven and I stop myself and let it go, while trying to move my thoughts and actions in a more positive direction. Perception and reality are intersected by ego, remove ego and you begin to see the truth.

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