One in Ten

Standing among those remaining. Smoke rises on the horizon, on all horizons. This is the trail that had to be blazed. Once thought the reality followed with an immediacy that could not be contained or prevented. A thought too powerful and too correct to be anything but carried out. And with great joy and grief did I carry out that thought. Humanity had to be saved from humans. No sickness cures itself, it runs its course to the bitter end, unless it is removed. Humans were the sickness and to save the essence of humanity there had to be a purge.

I am the purge. Laying waste to the sickness en masse. It was glorious, nightmarish and necessary. Blood flowed and filled the streets, paved, dirt. First, third no “worlds” were spared. None wept, they had long ago lost the ability to shed anything more than crocodile tears. Ages before my arrival they had turned from their greatness, turned from themselves and looked outward to have their WANTS satiated. True needs went unmet and they looked further from themselves. Removed from self they lost who/what they were and never found their way back. Now their cities, states, countries are filled with blood and rotting corpses. It was the only way to save them; death a release and return to self.

But don’t think me heartless. I had a number- one out of ten. Save all those that know only need. No wants welcome. Those that are in need are here, they want nothing more than their needs met. They know suffering and offer selflessly to help those with less. These are the souls that will save humanity and populate a world based on basic needs. They will look inward first and their needs shall always be met.

For now, those left have nothing to fear from me. I am the purge, this is not my first go around and it will not be my last. I will be watching, waiting. Humans need to evolve beyond their wants. When their wants overpower their needs I will return. I will again bloody the world with the souls of those who’s wants consume their needs. For I am the purge, sent to save humanity from itself.

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