Nationalism, Racism & Religion

I am a realist. That does not mean I cannot be hopeful, it means I see the shit through the shine. The doom and gloom of the spoon fed, state sanctified, fear inducing media play no part in my reasoning or thought process. I see an image of earth from space, it has no dotted lines separating one place from the next. Yet on every man made map or atlas Mother Earth is sliced and diced. We carve out sections and proclaim, “This is ours!” and then we aggressively defend our lands. Nationalism, pride in one’s nation, pride in the space between the dotted lines separating ones land from another’s. Nationalism is idiotic, being prideful in nation leads to murder being justified, war time crimes…forgivable sins, for love of nation trumps sins committed against humanity. One world, no nations. Remove borders, share resources and there will be a lot less to fight about.

Religion. I considered treading lightly on this topic, because I know some of you reading this are religious. I decided I would be honest. For myself, I am drawn much more to spirituality. I find religion to be nothing more than a control mechanism, meant to keep in check mankind’s natural instincts. And while in its earliest form it likely protected the weak from their stronger, crueler brethren, by making sins in this life follow individuals into the afterlife, it has become a means to control and divide people. Most religious folks want nothing more than to follow the peaceful path of their religion’s doctrine onto death. Yet there are always extremist. It becomes a territorial pissing match between each religions god(s). Is any religion free from sin? This is a difficult subject to broach. I am not one to dissuade people from their beliefs, for I know the stronger the belief is held the more likely the thought within becomes a reality. What I do know, that which divides us, weakens us and religion divides people like little else does. Aside from tolerance, I have no answer to this particular issue.

Race. We are all human beings on the planet earth, that should be the end of it. It is never that easy though. People of any race can belong to any nation or religion, but will still be separated by race. Does that even make sense? Not to me. We are all humans, living on this planet and that is all there is to it. I am an earthing, you are an earthling we all are earthlings, no reason for any divide here period, end of discussion.

The point of existence is continued existence, that is why we procreate. We know our time on this planet has an expiration date, we have no idea when. Maybe human existence was meant to live and die on planet earth. To me that would be like spending your entire life inside a single house and never exploring beyond that. The goal of our species should be to find other habitable planets and discovering the scientific breakthroughs that will get us there. This will take shared resources and a one planet approach. If we were told the sun was going to die in five hundred years, what would we do? We would forget our differences, share our resources and try to find a way to make it to a planet that could support human existence. We humans are often at our best in a crisis.

This is the question I have pondered for a couple decades- how or what will it take for human beings to advance, either in an evolutionary way or spiritually? Only one answer ever comes to me- a major catastrophe. Something that forces those remaining to put aside all differences and rebuild together from the ground up. It’s the realist in me. I cannot figure out what will bring us together as one and bridge all our differences, aside from being forced to. Do I long for some catastrophic event? No, not at all. I long for a solution that does not involve purging the earth of a large portion of its population, but as yet I have not found one. What say you? Have you thought of such things? What answers have come to you?

Nationalism, religion, race and space-these are the problems leaders of tomorrow need to be thinking about today.

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