Location Appreciation


This is just something I thought of while out walking. Those of us that stay or return to the city of our birth (or close by) often lose appreciation for the things, both big and small, that the location offers. We just take it for granted, essentially, we stop smelling the flowers, and see only the area as mere background. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to write a little photo essay on one of my favorite spots in my area. This is more for fun and for me taking a deeper interest and appreciation of some local attractions.

I live in the western part of New York state- right about between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Right at the end of my street is a nice little piece of history and the subject of today’s Location Appreciation-

The Erie Canal

This is a train bridge that is still in use and yes in my youth I did indeed jump off of it into the canal, never the from the top, though I have been up there.

Bike Path

There is a bike/walk path that runs along both sides of the canal. During spring, summer and fall my wife and I try to walk this path about five times a week.

The Long Homestead

There is also some cool history along the path. This house is close to 200 years old. On the weekends they give tours. It is very interesting how people lived and were entertained back then.


There is also some pretty awesome scenery on the walk.


There is not a lot of wildlife, but there are several bird species, including red winged black birds, wild canary, cardinals, blue jays, etc…with my phone camera I didn’t even bothering trying to get any pictures. These two, though, they posed for me, so I felt obligated to take their picture.

Favorite Spots On The Path

I come to this spot to mediate, relax, do some writing. Basically I get myself centered here.

My view from here. Yes that is a kayak launch.

Another one of my favorite spots passes through what looks like woods.

But it isn’t really much of a forest, though we do see a good amount of deer in here. Walking through this takes me to Mayor’s Park. Which is another good place to write and relax. This is where I normally sit.

My view.

Hey thank you for coming along with me on my little location appreciation journey. My wife and I took a little trip today and did some hiking and I took some more pictures. Can you guess what location is next?


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