Internal Dynamic, External Display

Most people think of themselves internally as their highest self. The righteous, but not self-righteous self, that always does what is right, thoughtless and with proper intentions. Yet when it comes time to externally display this highest version of self, something always prevents this and a much lower form of self is manifest in ones outward actions. The internal dynamic that envisions the perfect self, seldom ends up externally displayed, why? If yin is the internal self and yang the external expression of self, then surely yang is ego. It follows that yin is selfless, no ego. To express the highest self you need to flip your yin and yang.

I mean that quite literally. You need to flip your yin and yang. If these two words do not sit right with you, you can view it as turning your selfish ego internal and bringing the selfless, no ego to the foreground. When this is accomplished, the highest form of self will be on display. When ego is removed from expressions of self, one always acts from and connects with others in the highest. All actions are honest and with only the best of intentions. How does the individual remain in the highest self state? For myself, there is one way, remaining consciously engaged in the eternal moment.

The importance of being in and staying in the eternal moment-NOW- is the most reoccurring theme in my free thought writing (writing without thinking.) I have always known the significance of staying in the now, but I never knew why. Now I understand it. When one stays in the eternal moment, they are able to consciously choose to be their highest self. This is the self that will be outwardly on display. I can stay in the-NOW- but inevitably I slip out of it. Why is it so easy to be pulled away from the moment?

As a species we are wired with both memory and foresight (the ability to look into the future and make assumptions.) Memory is good, “stove hot, burn hand, don’t touch,” we learn lessons and recall experiences that we use in the present. Anything that causes regret (past) or stress (future) takes us out of being consciously present in the moment. When this happens ego replaces no ego and the highest self is kept internal and the selfish ego is on display. Any thought that creates an emotional response has the potential to remove one from the eternal moment. Having emotions is good and normal, it allows the individual to empathize, but being driven by and acting out of an emotional response is harmful, bad and feeds the selfish ego.

Summing up. To externally display the highest version of self as seen through the internal dynamic, one needs to flip yin (internal) with yang (external expression of self.) Yang is ego, yin is no ego. When the selfless no ego leads, the individual connects with people on their level and acts as the highest self. One must stay and maintain conscious effort of remaining in the no ego (yin) self. To do this the individual must stay present in the eternal moment-NOW- and not be moved from the present by past or future events. There are many tributaries on the path, but only one source to the highest self.

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