Free Flow Writing

I don’t know what to write, so I’m writing about that until my mind stumbles upon on a thought or more like drifts…. What is the drift? Can I define it? Can anyone? It is a moment of detachment from self-a freshness, openness, new, but known, a returning to your true origins. Where all is one & collective individuals harmonize a happy existence- that is not this life- it is beyond- yet not out of reach- it’s obtainable- if you’re trainable- monkeys- signal signs- we sing praise- monkey men with their high degrees are lap dogs to the moment- flash pan- magic trick- words entered in a contest-out of context- it was intended for nothing- mostly just jokes- desserts people eat when they need a sweet treat- where & why have the thoughts gone- come from? Any direction- the same direction- the center- the epitome of self-destruction- knowledge of base- acid’s the key- opens path through the ether- the fog- heavy- dense- creeping- descends upon us- wool over our eyes- lies- truths- mixed bag- depends upon perception- the reality you live are the thoughts in your head- the mind knows itself- inner/outer it knows- consciousness exists within this knowledge- that this moment is-NOW- there is no other, it is eternal- it is the truth- my truth? Yes, definitely/ Yours? You decide- I don’t fucking care either way- this lie is my lie, this lie is your lie/ but is it truth? As a lie deceives/ so does self- a reckoning- the moment-NOW- defines existence- before & after which nothing is assured- you have what you have- go forth & be marry or some shit like that- I don’t know what to tell you or to say- basic- it’s your life- LIVE IT!!!- accept nothing- question everything or accept everything & question nothing- it’s your fucking life- your path- mine takes me here- telling you this- are you reading? Why?- do you ask yourself why? Randomness- requires no answer- it is the X factor- game changer- luck- good/bad- defaulted as chance- but larger by far/ it is a roll of 13 on a pair of dice-  the improbable/impossible- it is life- pure happenstance of chance- you, me, all of us.

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