All in Everything- A reflection of Self

A person alone. Darkness surrounds a familiar setting. A spirit enters and views the person. The person, with soulful eyes sees the spirit, dark on dark, light on light. The spirit is intrigued by the person’s awareness and enters into a dialogue, without utterance, connected on all levels, one to one and all in everything. The spirit begins.

S.- “What is wrong with you?’

P.- “Nothing.”

S.- “Really? I have felt more life from the newly deceased. You have a dark coldness that emanates from you. Like you do not belong to this world. That is likely how you were aware of my presence. So let me ask again, what is wrong with?”

P.- looks surprised, “You are death, are you not?”

S.- laughs, softly, “I suppose I could be, but I could also be eternal life for all you know. I will ask one more time before I take leave of you, what is wrong with you?”

P.- “You cannot be eternal life that doesn’t exist, at least not for me. You must be death, that would make sense.”

S.- fascinated by this stubborn mortal, “I am beginning to see. You prefer a final death to eternal life. Bad news for you, there is no final death.”

P.- “B b but I don’t believe in eternal life- you die- off goes the television, end, game over.”

S.- “Some things, regardless of how bad you want them, are just not true. Why would you even want that? Would you not prefer eternal life over final death?”

P.- “It’s not a matter of preference, it’s what I deserve. To be alone, always and forever. Alone. And then just gone and not missed.”

S.- laughs again, “Do you believe if you are gone existence stops?”

P.- “No, that’s just stupid.”

S.- “Why?”

P.- “Because existence doesn’t rely on me. That is just stupid.”

S.- “Yet you rely on existence to live, correct?”

P.- getting annoyed, “Well duh!”

S.- “You do not make the connection? And I would change your attitude or I will reflect it back on you; with a power greater that anything you have ever witnessed and you will not like what you see, not at all.”

P.- “There is no connection. It is all separate and disconnected. And I apologize, I just found the question obvious. Maybe not quite so easy though, huh? I still don’t make the connection.”

S.- “ I accept your apology and will not hold your ignorance against you.” Spirit pauses, “You and existence are one and the same. All thing in existence, exist. That is the most basic connection. Can you follow that?”

P.- “Yes. exist equals existence, got it. I still don’t get the significance.”

S.- “You are the significance. What is wrong with you?

P.- “Nothing. I am just alone and lonely. Even in a crowd I feel completely alone. Does that make sense?”

S.- “Not at all. Even when you are completely alone, you are never alone- you are connected with all of everything. Does that not make sense?”

P.- “No.”

S.- “You need to close your eyes, shut off your mind and observe the all in everything from within. Can you do that?”

P.- “I can close my eyes, I don’t know if I can shut off my mind. How does one do that?”

S.- “Become thoughtless. Some focus on breathing, some chant, others repeat a word a phrase. Find what works for you or if you like I could assist you this one time?”

P.- “I would like that. I don’t see how being thoughtless will fix a single thing.”

S.- “You will find solutions to problems that do not exist yet. That is just one aspect. You will have access to known unknowns- that which has neither been taught or experienced.”

P.- “That sounds exciting,” steadies breathing, focuses on spirit, “I am ready.”

S.- “Close your eyes, picture me, hear my thoughts, know me, feel me, inhale me, exhale me, connect to me.”

P.- “Is it strange that I feel slightly aroused?” trying to hide embarrassment.

S.-  laughs, “That is normal, root connections are trust, you have trusted me, this is followed by sacral, which is sexual in nature. As our connection  strengthens you will experience wisdom/power, love/healing, communication and our journey ends with awareness. Beyond awareness is a journey you must take on your own.”

P.- “I am feeling a tingling sensation up my spine, things I have never known or thought, now make complete sense to me.”

S.- “These are the known unknowns. Knowledge without experience, knowing without being taught- that which is beyond the mind resides in all things and all knowledge and all human experience exist for any to know…” Spirit sighs. “ Too few can journey beyond their senses let alone their minds.”

P.- no longer speaking, communicating through thoughts, feels the spirits sadness “I am here -NOW- do not despair. The gift you have shared with me shall forever be with me and I will always be grateful for that.”

S.- “Grateful? A gift? You have been shown things that most cannot imagine and fewer can understand. It is more of curse than a gift,” this is the spirit’s test to the person.

P.- “Only a fool would curse such a gift. To see how connected all of everything is, how could that be a curse? I am a part of something much larger than I ever knew and it brings me such peace. My question to you- why do so few know of this?”

S.- “Humans have attempted to reduce everything down to separate parts. They cannot see the holistic nature of all things. They can no longer feel that connection of the all in everything.”

P.- “That is sad.”

S.- “ it is indeed.”

Just then a light goes on and the person is staring into a mirror. They see their face reflected with the image of the spirit imprinted on them. The person notices in the background reflection, the spirit leaving the room.


S.- “We will speak again, remember what you have seen. Learn what you can and do not forget when you need help I am always here…I am everywhere. I am the all in everything, as are you.”

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