My name is John W Hinze II. I like to write, yet I have never tried getting any of my writing published. I write for the shear enjoyment of writing. Also, never attempting to publish meant never having to face rejection or forced me to take my writing seriously. I am creating this page in an effort to make myself take my writing more seriously. Also, because I am currently working on a couple of projects that I believe are, at the very least, worthy of pursuing publication, worth the risk of rejection.

I write poems, short stories, essays, etc…. One of the bigger projects I am working is a story about when my best friend and I hitchhiked from Jamestown, NY to Dayton, TX in fall of 1990. It is called Destination Dayton. The other project is me typing up journals from thirteen years ago, I had been incorrectly diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, put on a crapload of meds and watched as my life and my mental/emotional stability all slipped away from me. This one is called Mirror Mirror- Reflections From the Other Side of Sanity.

I feel my best writing is a fictionalized version of true life events, whether my own life or from something I have heard or read about. I like to fill in the blanks, the missing parts of the story, with my imagination. The two projects I am working at this time are non-fiction, both are stories that are written as they happened.

I have writing scattered across multiple social media platforms, it is my goal to bring it all to this site in the next couple days. It might take awhile, but I am going to organize and publish it all. Poems, essays, short story’s, maybe samples of the projects I am working on, all located in one easy to find place.

You can look forward to this site posting fairly frequently over the next few weeks, most of it older writings, maybe the occasional new poem and possibly a short story or two. The goal is to get myself to take my writing seriously by sharing it with as wide an audience as possible to receive the most feedback possible. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment.